Executive Head's message

September always brings us lovely weather to welcome the children back – and this year is no exception! We are pleased we are able to return to ‘normal’ practices, assemblies and lunches together. However if anything changes – we will of course inform you.

We have had a strange past 18 months and we continue to be aware that the children may have ‘gaps in learning’ and other  ‘after affects’ of the Covid changes that we all dealt with – and our staff have planned the curriculum and how they teach it (pedagogy) with this in mind. We have had three training days this Autumn to help everyone to prepare – teachers and teaching assistants have all had training and time to get ready for the children coming back.

So – we are all ready and eager to have a great academic year!


5 Phases of ‘Reset Programme'

Phase 1: Focus on Stamina and Relationships March: we are chatting with every individual child and completing 'All About Me' documents to record feelings and attitudes, working on building up pupils' stamina for learning and assisting them with getting back to being with their friends in a safe way. Focus on reading, writing, maths

Phase 2: Focus on assessments include ALL subject areas after Easter, mid April, we will be looking at all subject areas and assessing 'gaps in learning' to help us deliver the right things to individuals

Phase 3: Implementation of full curriculum offer at ‘age related’ level for learning in the Summer term: June and July we will deliver 'age related' curriculum whilst still 'plugging gaps'.

Phase 4: New school year: September 2021 all pupils in ‘new year groups’. This and Phase 5  will be influenced by our finding from 1,2 and 3 so is only in 'outline'

Phase 5: Spring 2022 - Summer 2022 tbc

We are very much looking forward to implementing this 'Reset Programme' but are aware of the reality of living with Covid restrictions that may well be brought in for all of us or partially (closing bubbles etc) so will respond, as always, to these as they occur. We are very well set up with Remote Learning now so we feel able to cope with all eventualities - whilst we are all in school once more we have reiterated to everyone the importance of our 'Protective Measures' and we are still aware of the messages of: Hands, Space, Face - and Ventilation.

So - that's our plan, hope this continues as well as its started!


Mrs Atkins