Class 1W 2023 - 2024

Mrs Williams

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Welcome to Class 1W!




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Mrs Williams 

Class Teacher

Mrs Wilson

Morning TA

Mrs Grimes

Afternoon TA



Miss Wharton




Our Spring learning (please click on the book to see our most current learning):

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How we help children learn:

We help children to learn by helping the children to retrieve their prior learning. We add our new learning and sticky knowledge to this so that we develop a strong and meaningful schema - this is shown on our schema walls in the classroom. It means that the children are able to know more and remember more of their learning. We help them to ignite their schema by interconnecting the curriculum  and by using what is familiar to them within their locality.



Websites to help with learning at home.  If you need help with your usernames and passwords, please ask your class teacher:  

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