At William Stockton, to ‘get better at History’ will mean that children learn secure knowledge and understanding of their past, the past of our local area, that of our country and of the wider world. The children will develop ‘layers’ of historical knowledge, which children can draw upon to make sense of more complex ideas. We aim to inspire pupils’ curiosity about the past and provide opportunities to ask questions, think critically, form opinions and to construct their own historical arguments and accounts. 

Mrs J. Massam

Mr J. Phelan

I have been the History subject lead at William Stockton for three years and I have a great passion for it. Developing the children’s love of History, I believe is very important and is something I strive to achieve as the History subject leader. Mr Phelan, who has a History degree, has recently joined our school after teaching as a History teacher for 6 years in a secondary school and our History team. Mr Phelan has an incredible passion for his subject.  Together, and with support from the rest of the staff in the school and with our federated school partner, we have designed our History curriculum with our children at the heart. 

We have been developing our History curriculum for the past 18 months and we feel that it is now well planned and well sequenced. We have agreed on clear end points that includes the core knowledge that, we believe,  the children need to achieve well in History and in becoming a better Historian.   A broad spectrum of the History curriculum is delivered in order to accomodate and challenge pupils of all abilities; we adapt our teaching to suit the children's needs. 

(Please click on our end points on the bottom of our page to see how our History curriculum is structured)


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