SMART Awards and Pupil Voice

Smart Rosette Awards


We hold an assembly at the end of the school week to celebrate particular children who have achieved a Smart Rosette Award.

They are spoken about in assembly by their class teacher and applauded by the school.


Here we also highlight individuals for being polite and they receive a sticker.


Within this assembly the whole school celebrates best class for attendance who receive cup and certificate to display in their classroom for the week.



People Smart

Respecting and helping others around our school


Word Smart

Excelling in written or spoken language..... English or French


Art Smart

Producing excellence in art and design


Number Smart

Excellence with numbers


Self Smart

Always ready to learn and setting an example to peers


Nature Smart

Looking after our environment....inside and outside the classroom


Body Smart

For sporting excellence, team work and fair play


Music Smart

For musical expertise and resilience

What do our pupils say? 

  • 'I think the school is safe and I enjoy being at school.' (Year 5 pupil November 2018)
  • 'I love this school and learn a new thing everyday!' (Year 5 pupil November 2018)
  • 'The residential visits here are awesome!' (Year 6 pupil January 2019)
  • 'The teachers make our learning fun! If we don't get it, we ask them and they help us' (Year 3 Pupil November 2018)
  • 'Our teachers keep us safe and look after us' (Year 1 pupil October 2018)
  • 'Bullying is when someone, every day, is  repeatedly being mean to someone' (Year 5 pupil October 2018)
  •  'Our school council makes decisions for our school....and they are good ones!' (Year 4 pupil July 2019)


 The School Council

We hold meetings frequently to improve our school and have our say...

We have decided to improve our playground

- We have decided on whole school rules to display

- We want to have a brighter playground

- We have contacted a local company to design with our help the playground rules

-We have to collect ideas for the type of equipment is needed at playtime.

 - We have decided to ask the school PTA for some money to fund markings on the playground

- We want to interview the staff members and put the interviews on the school website

 - We want to organise the Red Nose Day events

 - We want to hold a competition for NOT dropping litter in the playground

NOW - The staff interviews are on our school website, we had a fabulous RED NOSE Day and raised £500 for people less fortunate than ourselves and there is less litter on our school playground.

  - We have asked all pupils about changing the names of our classes and will be discussing in future meetings about what they could be.

 - We have looked at how to improve our playground so that there are quiet areas for some pupils.




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