School Council and Pupil Voice

The School Council

We hold meetings frequently to improve our school and have our say...

We have decided to improve our playground - MUGA  built - Oct 2018

- We have decided on whole school rules to display

- We want to have a brighter playground - Signage put around school - Oct 2018

-We have to collect ideas for the type of equipment is needed at playtime. - Meeting  June 2018

 - We have decided to ask the school PTA for some money to fund markings on the playground

 - We want to organise the Red Nose Day events

 - We want to hold a competition for NOT dropping litter in the playground

 - We have looked at how to improve our playground so that there are quiet areas for some pupils. - Quiet are built Oct 2018


What do our pupils say? 

  • 'I think the school is safe and I enjoy being at school.' (Year 5 pupil November 2020)
  • 'I love this school and learn a new thing everyday!' (Year 5 pupil November 2020)
  • 'The residential visits here are awesome!' (Year 6 pupil January 2019)
  • 'The teachers make our learning fun! If we don't get it, we ask them and they help us' (Year 3 Pupil November 2020)
  • 'Our teachers keep us safe and look after us' (Year 1 pupil October 2020)
  • 'Bullying is when someone, every day, is  repeatedly being mean to someone' (Year 5 pupil October 2020)
  •  'Our school council makes decisions for our school....and they are good ones!' (Year 4 pupil July 2019)