Here at William Stockton, we have created a Music curriculum with a vision to equip children with a wide range of knowledge, experiences and skills. To achieve these aims and  ‘get better at’ Music we implement ‘CLAP’ throughout the curriculum. 

C - Compose

L - Listen

A - Appraise

P - Perform

As keen musicians, we appreciate the value of effective Music teaching. We have developed a curriculum with ‘Little Voices’ - Music specialists - who deliver the high quality Music lessons in school. Together we monitor, assess and provide the children with rich content and experience in Music.  We have bought into Little Voices to ensure that our children receive a high quality Music curriculum delivered by experts. 

Mr C. Millington

I’ve always had an interest in Music from when I was in primary school myself!  One Christmas, my uncle gifted me his old guitar and I started lessons in my high school. These lessons unlocked a confidence and enabled me to take part in many future performances; singing, playing guitar, and even the piano, in school and beyond. I understand I was in a fortunate situation, having a musical family and it being the source for my interest in Music. However, a personal goal is to look for the ways in which we, as a school, can find opportunities to increase our social mobility with regards to Music for our children.

Miss R. Salmon

Despite coming from a very unmusical family, music has played an important role in my life from a young age. I have always been part of choirs as I have a love of singing and I also play the piano. I am now teaching myself to play guitar which has been challenging but with practice is starting to get easier. I believe it is so important to provide children with opportunities to be involved in musical activities as I understand first-hand the joy that music can bring.

Over the last 18 months and with the support of Little Voices, our music teaching provider, we have developed, what we believe to be a clear and progressive curriculum.  We have worked with specialists to ensure that the end points include the core knowledge needed to progress in Music.  We believe that our curriculum gives all children the opportunity to know what it means to be a musician; develop their knowledge; develop music skills; and develop a love for the subject.   A broad spectrum of the Music curriculum is delivered in order to accomodate and challenge pupils of all abilities; we adapt our teaching to suit the children's needs. (Click on the end points for further information)



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