Mental Health and Well-Being

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Our Mental Health Lead is Mr Allen

At William Stockton, we prioritise children’s mental health and wellbeing in everything we do and every decision we make. We want our children to go on to do great things…and mental health and wellbeing is a crucial part of that.

Our whole-school approach focuses on wellbeing on a daily basis. Assemblies, our curriculum and our strong links with other agencies (eg. Healthbox, MHST and Passion for Learning), and their work to support us take place throughout the year and place a strong emphasis on understanding emotions, resilience, friendships and where and when to ask for support.

Throughout the year, we offer targeted opportunities to work with mental health professionals in small groups of children. We work closely with the Ellesmere Port MHST to offer groups such as: 'Worry Warriors' and 'Rocky Resilience Club', as well as 'Feeling Detectives'. The MHST provide termly Key Stage 2 assemblies to explain the importance of feelings and they also support our Year 6 cohort with their transition to high school.

Our pastoral support team provide ELSA workshop and lessons to support children on different aspects of mental health and safety. Mrs Ackers and Mrs Quayle are ready to help in their ELSA role (Emotional Literacy Support Assistants). They are trained to provide emotional and social skills to support children and work with children on planned activities and are supervised by the Educational Psychology Service.