At William Stockton, to ‘get better at Geography’ will mean that children learn about their local area and its place in the wider world. They’ll do this through progressively developing their geographical skills and knowledge along with their understanding of ‘how a geographer works and thinks’. Our aim is for children to  develop an interest and an understanding  of the world around them:  developing their knowledge of  Environmental, Locational, Place and knowledge and skills in using fieldwork, globes, maps and plans, map work skills and developing their Geographical vocabulary.

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Mrs G. McNally


I have been the Geography subject lead at William Stockton for two years and I have a great love of the subject. I personally enjoy traveling and finding out about the world, and want to give the children every opportunity possible to enjoy Geography and learn Geographical skills and knowledge. With support from the rest of the staff in the school, we have designed our Geography curriculum with our children at the heart. Mrs Hazeldine, who is the Geography leader at our Federated School, Wimboldsley, has a Geography degree and has supported our Geography journey. 

We have been developing our Geography curriculum for the past 18 months and we feel that it is now well planned and well sequenced. We have agreed on clear end points that includes the core knowledge that, we believe,  the children need to enjoy Geography, achieve well in Geography and in become a better Geographer.  A broad spectrum of the Geography curriculum is delivered in order to accomodate and challenge pupils of all abilities; we adapt our teaching to suit the children's needs. 


(Please click on our end points on the bottom of our page to see how our Geography curriculum is structured)


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