To get better at Art at William Stockton means to build on prior knowledge,  gathering skills across drawing, painting and sculpture.  It means developing an understanding of the intricacies of Art  and gaining a broad knowledge of artists and from different paradigms: traditional, modern and contemporary.  We plan for our children to have real life experiences and learn about Art in an active, reflective and creative way.

Miss Kelly is the Art subject lead at William Stockton and is supported by a wonderful team Miss Ball (Year 2 TA) and Miss Ince (Nursery TA). Miss Ball and Miss Ince are fabulous artists - who support the teaching of Art across the school. Additionally, Miss Copely, from our Federated School, Wimboldsley, works alongside Miss Kelly ensuring that the curriculum is well developed. The team is both supportive and collaborative and have a eagerness for providing children with a love and the skills and knowledge for Art.  

Miss D. Kelly

‘I have a real passion for Art. I believe that Art is an important subject for the children as it stimulates creativity. Art promotes self-esteem and self-expression. It helps in developing the children’s imaginations and encourages discovery.  Art gives the children time to relax whilst promoting mental and physical development.I have recently become part of a ‘Curious Minds’ team of ‘Leading the Arts’ practitioners and will be taking part in numerous workshops that help to develop the Arts subjects and will give the children more opportunities to work with the wider community and partake in lots of ‘hands-on’ learning.”

Together, with the support of the staff at our school and across the Federation with Miss Copely, we have created a bespoke Art curriculum with the children at the heart of it. We have been developing our Art curriculum for the past 18 months and we feel that it is now well planned and well sequenced. We have agreed on clear end points that includes the core knowledge that, we believe,  the children need to achieve well in Art and in becoming a better Artist. Our curriculum shows coverage and progression of skills in Art from Nursery to year 6.   A broad spectrum of the Art curriculum is delivered in order to accomodate and challenge pupils of all abilities; we adapt our teaching to suit the children's needs. 

Our curriculum develops learning and encourages children to be creative and reflective learners.  (Please click on the end points at the bottom of the document to find out more)

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