At William Stockton, to ‘get better at Computing’ means that children learn to develop a wide range of fundamental skills, knowledge and understanding that will help equip them in computing for the rest of their lives, using a wide range of media.

Computing is split into three strands and these are developed progressively as the children move through the school: digital literacy; information technology; and computer science.  Essentially, e-safety is weaved throughout the curriculum. 


Mrs H. Davies

I have been the Computing subject lead at William Stockton for five years and have always had a keen interest in technology, how it has evolved and continues to evolve. Through continuous professional development and research, I have the skills and knowledge to support both the teaching staff and children to ensure that Computing is engaging and fun and that our children are equipped with the skills they need to achieve the very best throughout their lives. I have a true passion for providing children with the best possible Computing curriculum which will support them as they move through school and further on through their lives. 

We have been developing our Computing curriculum for the past 18 months and we feel that it is now well planned and well sequenced. We have agreed on clear end points that includes the core knowledge and skills that, we believe, the children need to achieve well in Computing and in becoming confident in the fundamental skills.   A broad spectrum of the Computing curriculum is delivered in order to accomodate and challenge pupils of all abilities; we adapt our teaching to suit the children's needs. 

(Please click on our end points on the bottom of our page to see how our Computing curriculum is structured)

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