Who's Who

At William Stockton Community Primary School we endorse a ‘whole team’ approach to education where teaching and non-teaching staff, parents, governors, students, volunteers, and outside agencies all work together in order to secure the best possible outcomes for the children. We value each other’s talents and strengths, encourage full participation and provide mutual support.


Mrs Atkins

Executive Headteacher/Data Protection Officer



Mr Allen   



Mrs Barr

 Deputy Headteacher / SENCO   



      Mrs Hillstead                               Miss Fletcher                         Mrs Orme

  Acting Assistant Headteacher                   Assistant Headteacher             Acting Assistant Headteacher

Mrs Ackers

Learning Mentor


Our EYFS Team



        Mrs Ritchie                            Mrs Davies                                Mrs Williams    

    Nursery Teacher                      Reception Teacher                    Reception Teacher



Mrs Ince                                        Mrs Wilson                               Mrs Stewart

Teaching Assistant                          Teaching Assistant                   Teaching Assistant  


         Mrs Taj Ahmed                           Mrs Kneale                        

Teaching Assistant                Welfare Assistant             



Our KS1 Team