At William Stockton, to ‘get better at Maths’ will mean that children develop a deep and broad understanding of the key mathematical concepts. We aim to develop children’s skills through a mastery approach to learning. We strive for all children to develop a thirst and enthusiasm for learning mathematics. We aspire for children to become life-long mathematicians equipped with the skills, enthusiasm and resilience to overcome the challenges they encounter throughout their education and life beyond.

We believe that fluency in Maths is essential to equip our children with the skills necessary for success throughout their lives. 

Large.jpgMrs G. Marshall

JO.pngMrs J. Clarke

We have been Maths Subject Leaders at William Stockton for two years and we have a passion for maths learning. We have developed a bespoke EYFS Maths curriculum as well as a whole school fluency programme to improve children’s confidence in Maths as well as implementing the maths scheme, ‘Power Maths’.  We have representatives from each key stage on the Maths team, from EYFS to KS2. 

As Maths leads, we are enrolled on the ‘Developing Mastery’ programme with the Maths Hub. This year we are focusing on Representations and Structures and Fluency as part of our mastery journey. We are committed to our professional development and sharing this with the rest of the school.  A broad spectrum of the Maths curriculum is delivered in order to accomodate and challenge pupils of all abilities; we adapt our teaching to suit the children's needs. 


Click on the link to practice your fluency at timestables:

KSA students battle in TT Rockstars Times Tables Challenge - Kettering  Science Academy

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