At William Stockton, to ‘get better at RE’ will mean that children are provided with the opportunity to learn about: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Humanism, Diversity and Respect . As well as gaining a broad and balanced curriculum, it is important that children’s personal development is built upon and the RE curriculum intends to support children to:

  •   Be resilient in their learning and understand changes happen (identity/courage)
  •   Build self-esteem and positive relationships with other people (identity)
  •   Show respect for all cultures (unity)
  •   Become positive citizens who understand the role they can play within the world (power/change/choices)

We want children to enjoy learning about the beliefs of others and gain a broader knowledge of the different views people can hold. 

Mrs L. Gayton

I have been the RE subject lead at William Stockton for two years. I have an A level in Theology and have a passion for helping children celebrate diversity as well as nurture an understanding of similarities and differences of other religions and worldviews. I hope to lead an RE curriculum that will  develop happy, motivated and confident children who show consideration and understanding for others.  I work closely with Mrs Clarke from our Federated School, Wimboldsley to ensure that all children receive the best experience of RE. Mrs Clarke has completed course in an RE teaching qualification. Together, and with support from the rest of the staff in the school, we have designed our RE curriculum with our children at the heart. 

We have been developing our RE curriculum for the past 18 months and we feel that it is now well planned and well sequenced. We have agreed on clear end points that will ensure the children are able to express ideas and give insights about different beliefs and meanings as well as time to investigate and respond to different questions about them as individuals and the wider world. A broad spectrum of the RE curriculum is delivered in order to accomodate and challenge pupils of all abilities; we adapt our curriculum to suit the children's needs. 

(Please click on our end points on the bottom of our page to see how our RE curriculum is structured)


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