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Welcome to William Stockton Local Academy Board

The Local Academy Board at William Stockton have the responsibility for education of the children in our schools. The Local Academy Board, whose membership includes the school's Headteachers, provides strategic leadership to the school and takes key decisions in areas such as finance, staffing structure and appointments and premises as well as monitoring educational performance. 

Our members are drawn from parents, staff and the local community so that we bring a wide range of experiences and views to our debates. Although we are all volunteers we take our duties very seriously and consequently have a genuine impact upon the school and the education provided to William Stockton Schools children. 

We welcome enquiries from all sections of the community about membership. We always embrace people who are committed to the ethos of the school and who are willing to work with us to improve the quality of the leadership that we provide. Enthusiasm, commitment and a willingness to learn and contribute are the most important qualities. 

Positive feedback is always welcome (so we can repeat successful things more often) but we also want to learn about things we can improve. We can readily be contacted through the school office admin@williamstockton.cheshire.sch.uk. If the matter is sensitive then a sealed envelope can be forwarded to the Chair or Vice Chair via the school office.

If you are interested in becoming a representative of our Local Academy Board, please visit: Concordia Multi Academy Trust: Join a Local Academy Board (concordiamat.co.uk)


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Davina Hein - Chair


I am a parent to my 2 children Sophia and Isabelle and my two cats: India & Pixie. My Children have been brilliantly cared for by William Stockton School for the last 10 years. I am part of the Friends of William Stockton (Chairperson) or FOWS as we are nicknamed and have enjoyed raising money for the support and enjoyment of all the children. I work as a 1:1 Teaching Assistant at a local school. I have a passion for education for all, especially for children with SEND needs and work hard to advocate for children/adults in my spare time. 

 Mark Allen - Headteacher

 I am the Headteacher of William Stockton Primary School, where I have worked for over 20 years.  I have previously been Assistant Head teacher and Deputy Headteacher at William Stockton Primary School.  As the partenership between William Stockton School and Wimboldsley began to develop, I was instrumental in setting up of the Federation of the Schools, working closely with the then governing body and staff across both schools.  From this work I became Headteacher at Wimboldsley Primary School and worked there for over five years from 2013 to 2017. I am currently undertaking the National Professional Qualification in Executive Leadership.
Nina Mazuquin



Conor Millington


I am proud to be a part of the William Stockton Primary School community. With four years of experience at William Stockton, I aim to contribute my knowledge and dedication to our school's community. I began my teaching journey here at William Stockton, having completed my teaching placement in this very school.

While my professional journey briefly led me to another Cheshire school for a period, I returned to William Stockton, where I've been fortunate to continue contributing to our school's vibrant and nurturing environment.

My dedication to our school's mission and values drives me to provide the best educational experiences for our students. I believe in developing a love for learning and creating a supportive community where every child can unlock their potential.

Peter Quayle



Hayey Stewart


I have been a part of the William Stockton community for the past 6 years, which has given me a deep understanding of our school's unique strengths and challenges.

I am the parent of two children, one of whom is neurodivergent. This personal experience has given me valuable insights into the diverse needs of our students and the importance of creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment. Professionally, I work as a Teaching Assistant in Early Years, which has further fueled my passion for early childhood education and my commitment to ensuring that every child at our school receives the best possible start in their educational journey.

I am committed to ensuring that our school remains a place where every pupil receives an excellent education and has the opportunity to reach their full potential. Together, we can shape a brighter future for our school community.

Carol Whitbourn





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