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If children have to work at home, the work which would be completed in class will be placed on Google Classroom. The child/ren will be given a lined book ( for English, Science, RE  and Topic work) and a Maths book to complete work at home.  They will also be provided with a pen, pencil, ruler, rubber, pencil sharpener and glue if required.  Expectations will be shared with children in school, and a list of expectations will be shared with children in the front of books. An example of how work should be presented will be displayed on the first page of each book.

Blended Learning Expectations

We expect you to present your Blended Learning work to the standard that we see in school.

To help you do this:

*Write the date and aim on the left and underline using a ruler.

*Cross out mistakes with a ruled line.

*Write one number per box in Maths Books.

*Always present your work to the highest standard.

If you are working at home due to isolation, you will be provided with a Maths book and a lined book for all Literacy, Topic, RE, Science and all other written work. In each book, there is an exemplary piece to show you how to present your work.

Blended Learning Books

Year 1/2:


Year 3/4:

Year 5/6:


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